HSI Professional

HSI Professional Comb

$ 5.99
The straightening comb may look small and insignificant, but it is helpful in gigantic ways. This comb not only detangles as a regular comb, it also separates strands evenly to prep them for straightening - with just one hand! Use the comb with one hand, and follow closely behind with your flat iron in the other, and my goodness you have cut your straight styling time down by half! With this revolutionary brush your strands receive the heat from each hot plate more evenly, which means the flat iron is more effective than ever before. This translates to less damaged hair and straighter styles, a no brainer for anyone! The teeth of the comb are soft yet sturdy for comfortable use while still being strong enough to get through the toughest tangles. 
The best comb no one knew existed, now exists - and for an affordable price, only with HSI Professional. 
  • Detangles hair with ease 
  • Great for all hair types and extensions
  • User friendly with one hand styling
  • Soft but sturdy teeth for comfortable, precise combing 

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