HSI Professional

Classic 9 Row Styling Hair Brush

$ 9.99
Wave your tangles good-bye, HSI Professional’s flat small brush is here to help!

Detangling unexpected and stubborn hair knots has never been easier and, thanks to the super-soft and flexible bristles of this awesome brush you can now use it on both dry and wet hair! Great for all hair types, this flat brush is ideal for ladies with straight hair who want glossy and smooth strands in no time.

This anti-static brush is extremely light and easy to handle, creates no frizz (something your old brushes used to do!) and does not damage your hair in any way. Thanks to its natural negative ions it breaks down water clusters into tiny water molecules which help hydrate your hair. Well, how about that?

Your hair is finally ready for a photo shoot, as it has never looked so polished and shiny before. Not to mention how smooth it is. Time for celebration!

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