HSI Professional

Paddle Hair Brush With Rubber Handle

$ 10.99
Choosing the perfect brush for your strands is of high importance. Agree?

All your hair styles depend on it, so this is something you should be taking really seriously. That is why we need to talk about the HSI Professional Flat Large Brush.

This natural ion brush smoothens and straightens, revitalizes and protects, which makes us wonder how we even managed before having it. Being flat and fairly wide, this paddle brush is the perfect choice for brushing out and blow-drying large sections of hair in an easy and efficient manner. The brush might look flat, but it adds lots of volume to your hair, creating long-lasting hair styles that won’t let you go by unnoticed. With super-soft flexible ionic bristles this should become your hair styling staple. Now out with the old (flat brush), in with the new (ionic flat brush). Don’t you just love improved technology?

  • Super soft flexible ionic bristles
  • Detangle hair with ease
  • Works great on wet or dry hair.
  • Works with all hair types.

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