HSI Professional

EZ Flow Vented Hair Brush

$ 9.99
Just by looking at you we imagine our hair shiny and smooth.

Well hello there, tapered brush! Just by looking at you we imagine our hair shiny and smooth, like velvety silk. Amazing changes are about to happen to women with any hair type when using this brush with soft flexible ionic bristles. It detangles hair so smoothly, it glides on both wet and dry strands and it creates luxurious long-lasting hair styles that it will make women ask for your hairstylist’s address.

Really light and easy to use thanks to its anti-slip handle, the tapered brush boasts a ionic complex that minimizes split ends and breakage, removing build-up at the same time. You will forget what frizz means and you will enjoy clean and purified hair for a longer time between shampoos. The heat resistant bristles are infused with minerals that transform water clusters into hydrating molecules which penetrate the shaft and hydrate hair. Well, this sounds like a 5-star treatment. A must-have!

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