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Groover Curler Master Kit - 10 piece set

$ 399

HSI Groover Master Kit

Mastering your ideal hair look is all about having the right tools. The HSI Groover Master Kit delivers the ultimate at-home hair styling experience with over 10 different curling options. Your days of heading to the salon before a night out are over! With 10 interchangeable curling barrels, you can create any Instagram-worthy style on your own, including corkscrew curls, adorable ringlets, beachy waves, or a look that’s big and bouncy. Not only will you save money on salon visits, but you can also declutter by saying goodbye to your mess of other assorted curling irons. This is the only kit you’ll ever need to achieve curl domination!  


What’s inside the box?
Each set includes 10 interchangeable curling barrels of different shapes and sizes. The adjustable temperature and 360 rotatable cable line lend convenience and ease of use. HSI heat resistant glove and carrying case are included.


More details:

  1. 10 Interchangeable Barrels: Each set comes with 5 interchangeable barrels of different sizes that can create endless different hairstyles.
  2. Adjustable Design: The temperature can be adjusted between two modes: the lowest is 250 degrees and highest is 400 degrees. Just press the button for your desired temperature. 360 swivel cord to keep you from detangling while styling.
  3. Easy to Use & Change: The hair curler set is very easy to use and heats up quickly. The barrels can heat up within 60 seconds! For quick hairstyle changes, just press the button to change the barrel!

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