• What settings should I use for my hair type?
    • Course include anything thick and extra curly
    • Normal is the wavy, curly hair types
    • Fine includes any hair type that is thin, fine or naturally straight. 
    • If you are not sure of the type of hair, begin from the lower temperature settings and work your way up as you deem fit. Asking your stylist is always a great idea as well! 
    • How do I straighten my hair?
      1. Hair should be dry and free of tangles before using the straightening iron.
      2. Plug the straightener into an electrical outlet. Move switch to the ON position or press the button labeled 1/0.
      3. Adjust the temperature using the variable temperature control dial or buttons according to digital display
      4. While your straightener is heating up, spray a thermal protector across your strands, making sure to cover evenly and lightly. 
      5. Divide the hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on top of your head, out of the way, working with the layers underneath first.
      6. First test the styler on a small section of hair, then slowly adjust the temperature up or down before styling the rest of your hair. If you discover the you need a lower setting, adjust the temperature accordingly. Because the straightener is already hot, it may take a minute to cool down.
      7. Starting at the roots, firmly clamp hair between the two plates and glide the styler down the entire hair strand, from root to tip, in one smooth motion. Keep the iron moving to avoid damage to the hair from excess heat. If you have an issue with kinks and curls close to the root and can't seem to get them flat with one pass, just clamp close to the root as normal, open the iron and clamp again two times quickly, and then pass through the hair as normal. This pushes the heat out of the iron and close to your roots to allow for smoother roots. 
      8. When you are finished styling, unplug and allow the iron to cool completely before putting away.
      9. Some experience is necessary when learning to use this straightening iron. After using the iron repeatedly, you will learn the ideal way to straighten and style your particular hair.

      • How do I curl my hair?
        1. Pre-heat: Rest the iron safely on a smooth surface that will be unaffected  by heat and plug in. Set the heat switch at your desired temperature and allow the curling iron to heat up to desired degree.
        2. Spray your hair evenly and lightly with a heat protector
        3. separate into 4 sections (or more if extra thick hair) and pin up 3 of the sections out of the way
        4. Place glove on the hand in which you hold your hair.
        5. Select a small even strand from remaining section of hair to wrap around the wand.
        6. Place base of the handle near the scalp of your head with tip of wand facing down.
        7. Wrap hair from the base of the curling iron to the tip in a downward direction and hold for 5-10 seconds depending on hair type and desired style. 
        8. Without pulling curling iron down, release hair from tip allowing hair to slide out and slide the iron up and out of the curl

        • How do I clean my flat iron?
          1. Unplug Flat Iron and allow to cool. Flat Iron must be cleaned ONLY when cold to the touch.
          2. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe clean.
          3. Use a SOFT BRISTLE toothbrush for any product build on the sides of iron that you cannot get yourself.
          4. Let this air dry before next use. 

          • My Flat Iron says Dual Voltage, How do I switch the voltage?
            • All HSI Professional tools are Dual Voltage capable and will automatically convert to the proper voltage. There is no switch needed to preform this function.

          • The light on the flat iron keeps changing colors, Is there a problem with it?
            • The LED light is set to change colors from blue while it is heating to green once it reaches the chosen temperature setting. If the temperature drops while styling without changing settings, the iron will automatically alert you in color and quickly reach the correct temp again. 
              • NOTE: Not all models have the LED indicator

          • My hot tool will not power on?
            • Try resetting your tool
              1. Unplug your tool
              2. Press down firmly on the reset button on the cord
              3. Plug in your tool
              4. Hold down the on/off (1/0) button for 10 seconds
            • If you have the Groover 4 piece wand set, try the above test as well as:
              1. Plug in your wand with any of the wand attachments already in place
              2. Press and hold the two arrow buttons at the same time
              3. Turn on your wand and test the tool
            • If it still does not power on please Contact Us with your order number and we can help you further

          • My Groover 4 piece iron keeps displaying an ERR message, what do I do?
            • This message means the barrel is not completely locked into the curling iron
              • Simply push down firmly on the barrel and at the same time turn the dial to the locked position. 
              • If this does not work, refer to the My Hot Tool Won't Turn On section above.

          • How do I clean my HSI Professional Curling Iron?
            • Unplug Curling Iron and allow to cool. Iron must be cleaned ONLY when cold to the touch. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe the barrel.
            • Do not allow any water or any other liquid to go into the handle of the iron or anywhere other than the surface of the barrel

          • My Product is damaged what do I do?
            • Please Contact Us with your order number and be prepared to describe to us the issues so we can help you in the matter

            • Do the HSI Professional products come with a warranty?
              • Yes all of our products come with a 1 year Factory warranty, and an optional 2nd year warranty for purchase. You can learn more about the Warranty here. 

              • What are the ingredients in Argan Oil?
                • Argan Oil is a naturally derived oil from the fruit of the Morrocan Argan tree. All of our products contain an amount of this natural oil for it's smoothing and heat protecting effects. Our Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment is made mostly of just this oil, but does include a few other ingredients, which are listed on the label of the bottle. 

              • I received a Sample of Argan oil with my purchase, What is it for?
                • Argan oil infuses your hair with essential nutrients to give your hair the moisture it needs, promote shine, and fight frizz all day long.