Flat Irons 


"This is the BEST 1" ceramic straightener I have ever used, and the price is phenomenal."

I'm not sure why that other reviewer thought that this iron was a Chi product, but I'm happy that it's not. I had never heard of HSI before ordering, but I will defiantly buy any other hair tools that they make. The iron heats up quickly and has floating plates. My hair was very shiny after use, and I didn't need to use any sprays or sheens. With this flat iron, I can curl my hair, flip my hair, and of course straighten my hair. After use, my hair was bouncy and it looked almost as good as when I go to the hair salon. I could go on for hours about how much I love this new flat iron, but don't take my word for it, buy one for yourself before they raise the price.
By A. Glynn

"I have very thick, curly hair and this flat iron does a quick job straightening my hair. i would recommend this product and would buy an HSI again if I had the need."

The only reasons I bought this flat iron was because the price was right - only $44.23 and the reviews were great. For $44 I thought it would be worth the risk of not knowing the manufacturer to go ahead and get this since it is a professional flat iron. I had been using a Chi iron. After reading several reviews on Amazon about how others had a CHI that broke, I thought it might be a good idea for me to get this as a backup in case my own CHI breaks soon. Now my old CHI is the backup and the HSI is my main one!
By D. Powers



Argan Oil


"This product is amazing. I have thick coarse hair with lots of body that usually needs lots of product, work, and time to get it smooth & straight."

"This product is amazing. I have thick coarse hair with lots of body that usually needs lots of product, work, and time to get it smooth & straight."

I received a sample of HSI argan oil with the HSI flat iron. I work about 4-5 drops in my wet hair. The first thing I noticed is how soft my dry hair was, even before using the flat iron. After straightening my hair with the HSI flat iron, the results are even more amazing. I have recreated the salon look at home! My hair is smooth, straight, and silky. Plus, the look lasts all day even in the summer humidity. I love this product!
By Lorri W


It leaves my hair shiny and glossy and it doesn't way it down. It only takes a dime sized drop and I had better hair. ;)
By D. Lewis



Curling Irons


"Super Versatile-Best Curling Wand Ever."

Ok lets start with the four interchangeable sizes. This is so great .Basically you just bought 4 different professional curling wands for less than the price of one. It's awesome because the styling options are endless, from the signature Kardashian curls to the tight bouncy summer curls that every girl has to try at least once. I love that the heat distribution is very even . Also the heat settings are all digital which is great because you know the exact temperature at all time. This wand also heats up so quick it takes less than a minute to get up to 400 degrees. Also nice that they threw in a heat protective glove. All and all I looooooove My new HSI Curling Wand!!! Are u still here? Stop reading and go buy your new hair toy already!!!
By TiffanyB


"Wonderful Product"

I just got this item less than a week ago and curled my hair for work that same day. It was fast and simple to use tho it does get some getting used to in the beginning since im used to the barrel with a clamp. It does come with a heat glove wich is great for me since im so accident prone =) The curls came out AMAZING!!! my hair was curled and bouncy all day even tho i brushed them out (because i like the "retro hollywood wave"). I do use a lot of styling tools so my hair tends to get damaged and the ends tend to feel rough but for some reason not with the HSI curler my hair felt incredibly soft all day and was even able to pass my fingers thru my hair (with LOTS of hair spray in it!!!) Needless to say i am very VERY happy with my purchase!
By YazV


Thermal Glove

"If only there was Heat Resistant Glove for my neck "

This little glove makes a big difference since my short hair cut. It helps me get the curling iron in the best position for a good curl, without burning my fingers. Now, if only there was heat resistant glove for my neck ... :)
By Melanie C. Dial

"This is the BEST 1" Saves your fingers "

Works great. No more burnt fingers! I have average size hands and it fits great. It's heat resistant, not heat-proof, but it works great for use with a curling iron. Also received in record time with great communications from the seller.
By Maxer